1967 San Francisco

In 1967 San Francisco benefit concerts were a great springboard in that many groups received public attention through large amounts of publicity and advertising for a free event with proceeds going to this and that non profit organizations.

During that time I temporarily replaced Augie Meyers on keyboards with The Sir Douglas Quintet who was to perform for a benefit at UC Berkeley. It was an outdoor concert that was well attended due to a huge amount of advertising through PSA’s.

At about twenty minutes into the set, campus police started appearing which pissed off the audience to the extent that Berkeley police arrived and ultimately their riot sticks freaked out the audience which led to crowd control and tear gas.

As the clouds of the gas covered the bandstand we were forced to leave our instruments and disembark in haste amid tears and coughing.

The promoter of the event had used a non-descriptive name that foreshadowed the fact that we were performing for a draft card burning benefit.

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