I had always desired to be a studio recording musician and after being brought into the studios I starting hanging with studio musicians and became known as the new studio demo session choice.

The Columbus Towers had a studio in the basement and in the latter 60’s installed one of the first 8 track boards in town. All of the Beatle’s albums were recorded on 4 track until the Rubber Soul album. I did the first demo session there. Later I recorded there on Doug Sahm’s Honkey Blues album. Wally Heider came into town and their first room was studio D, which was basically an overdub room. I did the first session there. Mercury Records build a studio at 1340 Mission St. Yep, I did the first session there. My very first Union session was at the old Coast Recorders on Wayne Talbert’s “Dues to Pay” album on Pulsar Records produced by Mac Rebenac later known as Dr. John the Night Tripper.

In 1969 with Doug Sahm’s help I was signed as Prince Albert and the Cans to Phillips Records, the European subsidiary of Mercury.

In 1970 I recorded with Dr. Hook, (there is another story there) Martin Fiero with the Shades of Joy and then Shel Silverstein at Columbia records
on Folsom St. The studio was later taken over as the Automat with Fred Rubinstein until he disbanded the studio and sold off the equipment. It was
a hot time at Columbia with Journey and Santana and other top recording acts.

I founded The California Professional Music Academy in Santa Clara in 1980.

In 1984 I left SF and took my wife and sons back to Texas and did not play a note until 1994 when I started composing and recording my Rio Grande Songs.
To date I have produced and recorded 8 CD’s on my River Grande Records label.

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