Dos Padres


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Dos Padres 4:48

Morning Breeze 4:38

Hot Tamale 3:50

Maybe Then 5:43

I Will Wait 4:49

Remember Me 5:25

Almost Home 5:52

The Festival 3:19




Dos Padres ………. 4:48
While inching along in work traffic on a sunny San Diego afternoon, I was bumper to bumper in front of the Mission Ocala. As I looked off to the side of the freeway there was a wall with the shadow of a Priest. After moving up a the car length or two, there was a second shadow of a second priest. After moving forward the objects of the two shadows were two priests standing together.

Morning Breeze ………. 4:38
On special mornings a soft breeze signals the beginning of a day that initially offers solace and calmness. On such blessed occasions I experience thankfulness. Of course these opportunitiesare seasonal and omniglobal It is very pleasing to compose and create music especially when a song I have produced transmits a fleeting impression of inner safety. This song has a soft jazz feel to it.

Hot Tamale ………. 3:50
As as guitarist, this song is about as hot as I get. Not having studied music or had lessons, I was able to create my own style of playing. The title came to me when I remember as a child I was raised in Laredo, Texas, and was introduced to hot, spicy food (I suspicion that my parents stuffed chile peppers into my bottle.) Especially the tamales. They were dangerously hot and almost painful to eat but tasted so wonderful that you would withstand it and ask for another. As a guitarist I feel that way about Hot Tamale. I play it as hot as I can.

Maybe Then ………. 5:43
One of my favorite songs to perform. It is a happy, cheerful song with a soft side that is musically satisfying to me. Every time I perform the song I am sorry to hear the ending coming up. I love minor chords and the second chord of the song is B minor 7 so I am immediately sold and thoroughly enjoy playing the entire piece. I could play it over and over.

I Will Wait ………. 4:49
To me, this song expresses a willingness to wait for the future and not try to complete things that have not yet occurred. Not necessarily a feeling of exercising patience but rather a realization that I am waiting for myself. I always thought I was waiting on others to recognize me when all along I had been waiting to recognize myself. When this occurred I started composing, producing and recording my own compositions.

Remember Me ………. 5:25
This song was written not asking if I was remembered nor asking to be remembered. The idea was to remember myself as to the person I am inside. My collective life history to include successes, failures and ambitions represent who I am and have been. Remember Me is a song in which I am reminding myself that the universe knows who I am.

Almost Home ………. 5:52
After returning from many road trips it is alway exhilarating to get home to heal from the rigors experienced and knowing that you are almost home. And you look forward to admiring, making contact with and touching your favorite stuff. Home is where you can rest, revive and regroup. Conversely there are those of us who experience the same feeling when we are away for the day and are relieved when we are Almost Home.

The Festival ………. 3:19
The festival is a number of impressions embodied into a single song with a Flamenco style that hints some type of audible festivity is occurring. Another of the Rio Grande Songs that challenges my guitar playing. Each time I perform the song it is a test for me to not to screw up the guitar part as it is as fast as I can run. Always a challenge to perform.