Rio Grande Songs, Vol. IV


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Secret Dreams 4:50

Always in My Heart 6:31

River Dance 5:38

Adios, Mis Amigos 5:40

Quinceanera 6:26

The Rio Waltz 5:19

Dream For Me 7:04

Gypsy Joy 5:45




Secret Dreams ………. 4:50
A composition that portrays the appreciation of Flamenco style while at the same time attempting to retain a romantic posture. Actually, I wrote the composition in approximately ten minutes the night prior to going into the studio to finish recording the background music tracks. I was unhappy with one of the songs that already had the background tracks recorded and decided to replace the entire composition. The next day I went into the studio, produced all the background musical tracks and later overdubbed the lead guitar lines. My style of production dictates that all the background tracks are recorded and put into work tape which I study for some time prior to returning to the studio to record the final guitar solos.

Always in My Heart ………. 6:31
This composition is another special effort to reach the heart. I wrote this song in approximately one hour while looking out over the Pacific Ocean in San Antonio Del Mar in Baja California, Mexico. I try to spend the summers there to escape the heat and actually wrote most of the music for this album while living there and this song happened to be the first. Usually the first song comes very fast and sets the mood for the remainder of the album. This song seems to touch all nationalities of people and is one of the most requested of all The Rio Grande Songs.

River Dance ………. 5:38
A very strong brassy composition with trumpets in the chorus. This song was initially recorded and had the title of #3 for the studio log. All the other songs were recorded and titled but #3 just didn’t draw me to any specific ideas for a title until I was in Laredo, Texas, and saw some children splashing and dancing in the water on the bank of the Rio Grande and the title “Riverdancer” came to mind. After returning to the studio to complete post production I still didn’t like the title and finally settled on the current title. Approximately a month later I saw the first excerpts of the Irish production Riverdance and wished I had followed my original idea. People still come up to me and ask if the song is Irish. Actually, the title of the song is not subject to copyright, but rather the contents. The Irish production of Riverdance is not a specific title of a composition, but a title of an entire production.

Adios, Mis Amigos ………. 5:40
This song was written as a farewell to my brother-in-law Gary McDaniel; Steve R. Reed, my friend in the movie industry; and “Wild Bill” McCollough, my friend at Cactus Tree RV park in Yuma, Arizona, where I normally use as a winter base of operations. These three individuals were so very supportive of my music and were among those who inspired me to continue writing and recording. The three of them were taken by cancer within a five-month period.

Quinceanera ………. 6:26
The “coming out” celebration for a Mexican girl on her fifteenth birthday. Also known as Quince Anos. I have seen many of the celebrations over the years and started to notice that the Mother, Aunts, and Grandmothers of the girls would be very caught up in the event and ultimately would become emotional and shed tears. My feeling is that they were remembering their own Quinceanera and this was a way for them to relive their own experience. So the composition was really written for them. Perhaps this would explain why explain why the song has a tenderness that touches especially the Mothers, Aunts, and Grandmothers. When I perform the song they are the very ones that exhibit a distant, sentimental expression.

The Rio Waltz ………. 5:19

Dream For Me ………. 7:04
A very moody song that is announced by the violas and bass in unison and repeated in the half intro between verses and at the ending. When performing the song I notice a quiet, inquisitive expression exhibited by those listening that seems to slow down all movement and activity. The title deals with the subject of dreams commonly found in The Rio Grande Songs catalogue. I personally experience ideas and answers to decision in awakening from sleep and this song asks for someone else to dream in my behalf. Many of my songs are initially in bits and pieces and at times I will awaken, reach for a guitar and immediately complete the composition. In fact I have awakened to instantly compose an entire song.

Gypsy Joy ………. 5:45
Written for my wife and partner Joy. Perhaps the most happy song of all The Rio Grande Songs. Joy says she always wanted to live like a Gypsy since her childhood experiences with a circus group. We have fulfilled that desire by traveling constantly since 1994 and meeting new friends everywhere along the way. It is a mobile life-style that demands constant movement. The appearance of our bus tells our friends that we are back and in a few days we are gone again. Our travels have taken us from coast to coast and we generally try to follow the path of favorable weather. We look for warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer and each year we meet many of our friends who follow the same path. The chorus of the song expresses a happiness in the anticipated arrival to a familiar place as well as embarking on a journey to the next destination whether it be new or revisited. Our bus has been our permanent residence for the past six years but the experiences we enjoy and the kind people we meet along the way is rewarding and we always keep our eyes and ears open for a new song.